accountants. Tax and accounting services in France.
Accountants serving the international community in France

France Accountants offers a range of  accounting and tax services to the international community in France.

If you plan to purchase or sell French property, or to set up a business in France, we can help you manage your French accounting and tax needs.

Click here for information on the 2016 French income tax returns (tax year 2015).



Our accounting and tax services
  • Preparing and lodging of French tax returns.
  • Registering businesses at the French tax and social security administration.
  • Accounts preparation and bookkeeping.
  • Tax advice for individuals who are considering moving to France.
  • Tax consultation for small and medium sized businesses in France.
  • Translation of documents from French to English.
  • French company formation.

Tax in France and your country of origin

Our tax expertise covers several areas of French taxation, including:

  • French tax returns for resident individuals and companies.

  • French tax returns for non residents.

  • Advice on the implications of double taxation in your country of origin.

One of our key areas of experience is the interpretation and application the Double Taxation treaties between other countries with France.

Starting a new business in France or forming a French company ?

If you are planning to set up a new business venture in France, we offer a full service which includes:

  • Initial registration of your business at the Centre d'Impôts (French Tax Office)

  • Accounts preparation and bookkeeping.

  • Completion and filing of quarterly and annual VAT (TVA), income and company tax returns.



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France Accountants offers the following services

  • Tax advice for residents of France and international investors.

  • French tax returns.                      

  • Registering businesses for tax and Social Security in France.

  • Preparing of quarterly and annual accounts.

  • Quarterly and annual French VAT (TVA) returns.

  • Tax advice and consultation.

  • Formation of French companies.

  • Advice on the tax implications of purchasing and selling property in France.

  • Preparation and lodging of income tax returns in France.

  • Assisting non-resident individuals and companies to recover the VAT on their French expenditure.

For clients searching for accountant france or accountants france, we will be happy to assist.



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