Registration of foreign companies for French VAT

If your company is already registered elsewhere in the EU and requires to register for VAT in France, including obtaining an EU Intracommunity  number, the process is reasonably straightforward compared to other EU countries such as Spain.

French VAT registration is effected via the department of the Tax Office that deals with foreign companies, la Service des Impòts des Entreprises Etrangêres. Applications are made by post and processing times are generally quite quick, as little as two weeks.

Once the French VAT application has been accepted, a French tax code (SIRET) and Intracommunity VAT number is issued, with a notice sent out which explains how to file VAT returns. The frequency of presentation depends on the expected volume of operations in France of your company.

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2017 income tax rates in France, for income earned in the year 2016

The French tax rates for the year 2017 have now been published. There are no major changes, with the new tax bands as follows.

Up to 9,710 Euros : 0%                                                                                                               From 9,710 to 26,818 Euros : 14%                                                                                         From 26,818 to 71,898 Euros: 30%                                                                                       From 71,898 à 152,260: 41%                                                                                                   Above 152,260 Euros: 45%

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In April the Tax Office system will open for the online filing of the 2015 income tax returns (Declaration des Revenus). They have not yet released the exact dates of commencement and deadlines. We are working on the basis that these will be the same as last year and re-published these on our website at We will update this when the exact dates are published by March.

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